Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh what the Crap is This SHIT

So, I have decided to try drawing pictures and then scanning them in. My primary reason for this is becasue I usually draw with my mouse, and I use my right hand for that...except I am left handed. Now, I have uploaded many, many comics thus far, which has resulted in some interesting finds:
1. I have always only written with my left hand, and used my right hand for everything else (eating, cutting with scissors, clubbing baby seals to death, etc) today, I wrote for the first time with my right hand. Only not purposely. I had been writing quite a bit (500 lines of "I will refrain from screaming CUNT at my boss") and my left hand started to ache, so I switched over to the right hand and kept writing. Only later did I realize what I had done.

2. Does this make me bi-sexual? I certainly hope not, my wardrobe is lacking in the flannel-shirts-with-the-sleeves-cut-off department. KIDDING. Those are lesbians!

3. I am humbly sorry to all the lesbians and bi-sexuals I have offended. (I know I know - 500 lines of "I will not offend lesbians and bi-sexuals" - I'll get right on it.)

Anyway, without further ado, here's my crappy offensive comic:

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