Sunday, November 19, 2006

Updates from an Angry Hippo
I just tried to upload another image. It did not work. I am severly angry about this. Let's email helpdesk ONE MORE TIME!

I like yahoo. I REALLY like yahoo. It's so simple, a monkey could do it. (Adds to Christmas List - a helper monkey) but it's expensive. So I would have to do some marketing and such, and wait and see what would happen. So, basically, I am at a crossroads here.

I was considering uploading the pics to a flickr or something, and then just posting the links under the current picture, but I don't know. And then there's the alternative. I was considering turning this into a myspace. YEEEEEEEEEEEAH I know. I know. MYSPACE? You're thinking. Yes Myspace. I heard on the radio that teenagers are abandoning myspace in DROVES because their teacher/administrators are on it. So, why not myspace?

Well peeps. I am off to investigate myspace. Either way, I will tenatively create a myspace for the webcomic, and if it takes off, then it takes off. But, by creating a myspace, I need to create a new name, other than fvckpancakes, so henceforth this comic shall be known as "Angry Hippo."

Thank you all for your support, now I am off to that addictive wasteland known as MYSPACE!

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Tink said...

I've had problems with pictures, too. It's not just you. I think blogger likes to screw w/ people periodically, and You just got picked on majorly.