Sunday, September 10, 2006

So yesterday, I didn't post any pictures. Now, you're probably wondering WHY, right? (Other than because I am a big honkie bitch)

I was out with Jameson and Penelope. We went on a CRAB RUN. A crab run consists of my brother Jameson driving, and my sister Penelope and I eating crab like it's going extinct. Then we throw the empty crab shells out the window...for the birds, of course... and then we go a'stalking!

And then we went to try to steal dirt from my friend Springfield's old house in the Suburbs of Chicago, and lo and behold! Someone LEVELED it and parked their trailer over it. And weed wacked her entire garden.

The most interesting fact of all though:
The house is still standing, and it is up for sale. Yes, for mere dollars a day, you could live in a suburb of Chicago in a house with a VERY nice lawn.

I don't know about my brother and sister, but I had to resist the urge to take off my shoes and go running through it barefoot.

Yep. I said it. I have hippy-like tendencies!

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