Thursday, August 17, 2006

God thinks it's funny to poop on me.
So, yeah, my kitchen sink exploded. No seriously, it did.
The bastard who sold us the condo didn't install it tight enough, and now it's a literal pipe bomb - ready to go off at the first sign of extreme inconvience!
I fucking hate my sink. Ok, I don't hate my sink. But it smelled TERRIBLE. It's like someone took a shit in my sink, and tried to wash it down, and it go stuck, and then the pipe exploded, and then the poop got allllllll over me.
Wait, is Tim in town?
Will update more later!

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Kagenin said...

Xploding Sinks? Epic Asskicking? Yours is a life full of merryment and wonder. Just stay away from the business end of the spork. It's pointy. Arrrr!

Oh, and if you're looking for Photoshop, just download Gimp.
It's freeware and does mostly the same stuff as Photoshop.

Woot! Booty from Cap'n Jack's Chest!